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System 2010 - It's Magic!

The System 2010 colours allow a diversified and innovative design of glass, especially of flat glass. The ceramic colour pastes can be used in the production of both tempered safety glass as well as toughened glass. Special Effects such as interference or multi color effects provide new and interesting opportunities for the implementation of particular design wishes.


- Eco-friendly colour system free of heavy metals
- Silk-screen print with water-soluble media
- Varied and vivid glass design
- Modern and individual design options



let it sparkle. You can choose a glass surface in MAGIC GOLD – or select MAGIC CRYSTAL STAR to enhance any color in the standard color system with an intense metallic effect.



play with reflection and translucency. You can choose between three basic colors, each with one color change, depending on the light. In daytime, glass surfaces shimmer with a different shade than at night.



create exciting color flops: Glass surfaces shimmer in three different shades, depending on the angle of view. You can choose between four basic colors, each of which has additional alternating colors.


It is not recommended to use the It’s Magic Collection colours on surfaces which are directly exposed to the weather. This applies to most of our colour collections.
An application to laminated safety glass is to be checked in detail.


If you like an offer, please feel free to contact us via : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it